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Anyone who has ever seen an activity film knows that you don’t blunder with Sylvester Stallone, ever. Religious Slater, it would seem, has never seen an activity film.

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Stallone and Slater come to strikes in “Bullet to the Go,” movie director Wally Hill’s future activity film about hitman Jimmy Bobo (Stallone) and investigator Taylor Kwon (actor Sang Kang), two reverse causes operating towards the typical objective of fixing the connected killings of their specific co-workers. MTV Information frequented the New Orleans set of the film just in a chance to look at Slater’s personality, the sleazy Marcus Baptiste, understand first-hand what happens when two reverse factors of the law come together for a typical objective.

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“Today is an amazing day for me,” Kang informed MTV. “I increased up viewing Religious Slater films, and these days we get to pain him!”

“Christian Slater [plays] a bad guy, and he knows the key to all the plots,” Stallone described of the landscape we experienced. “He’s being a actual wise-ass, and unfortunately begins tossing out some national slurs — and that’s going to price him a lot.”

For his own aspect, Slater didn’t seem to thoughts being used as a individual kickboxing bag. “My operate in this venture is to proceed the tale along and provides [the primary characters] some details,” he said. “Of course, the personality I perform, a attorney, isn’t going to provide this details quickly.”

Baptiste’s zipped mouth power Bobo and Kwon to hotel to intense techniques to get the intellect they need. The interrogation finishes in surprising style, but according to Stallone, the result is exactly what you would anticipate to see from his callous new activity idol.

“We’ve designed every type of amazing activity idol there is — there’s nothing remaining to do,” the “Rocky” and “Rambo” acting professional said of his “Bullet” antihero. “So we’re trying to make flesh-and-blood figures. They’re defective. They’re the people you increased up with.”

Walter Hill’s “Bullet to the Head” strikes cinemas on Feb 1, 2013.

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Jason Momoa and Sylvester Stallone Head to Head in Bullet to the Head

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With Enjoyment Wally Hill directed, wonderfull actioner Bullet to the Head starting in UK theatres on Feb 1, The Fan Carpet are satisfied to make available a collection of images presenting Jason Momoa going head-to-head with Sylvester Stallone.

After almost a several years away from the big display, expert movie director Wally Hill (The Warriors, 48Hrs) is returning at the helm with the activity thriller Bullet to the Head. Legendary celebrity Sylvester Stallone performs Jimmy Bobo, a seasoned hit man who hesitantly types an partnership with a cop to be able to actual vengeance on the mercenary who killed their specific associates.

Full of non-stop intense activity, fascinating battle moments and traditional one-liners, Bullet to the Head is depending on Alexis Nolent’s visual novel of the same name. The activity loaded throw contains Jason Momoa (Conan The Barbarian, Game of Thrones), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (The Bourne legacy), Sang Kang (Fast & Furious 5) and Religious Slater (True Romance).

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Buena vista International’s high-octane thriller “Bullet To The Head” featuring Sylvester Stallone has came out its poster and movie trailer in expectation of its Feb starting.

Directed by Wally Hill (“Streets of fire,” “48 Hrs.”), the movie is depending on the France visual novel Du Plomb Dans La Tête, published by Matz and shown by Colin Wilson.

In the movie, Stallone celebrities as Jimmy Bobo, a New Orleans hitman who types an partnership with California D.C. investigator Taylor Kwan (“Fast Five’s” Sang Kang) to carry down the fantastic of their specific associates.

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Game of Thrones Alumni Jason Momoa has explained his movie Bullet to the Head co-star Sylvester Stallone as a tale.

Talking to Philstar, the Conan the Barbarian acting professional said “It was just awesome and I mean Stallone is just a tale. It was a desire to perform with him and my battle moments with Stallone, it was like you just quit and touch yourself and say, ‘I can’t believe I’m battling Bumpy right now’.

I viewed Bumpy when I was preparing for Conan. It was fun and I got to perform a ‘Don’ for initially. I’m thrilled for individuals to see it.”

Walter Hill’s Bullet to the Head reveals on Feb 1 and also celebrities Sang Kang, Religious Slater and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

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‘Bullet to the Head’ with Sylvester Stallone

Coming back as the prodigal son of the hard-boiled thriller, Director Walter Hill’s first movie in ten years is a tough-guy automobile for Sylvester Stallone. While the star’s latest outcome has been verging on self-parody in the Bumpy, Rambo and Expendables operations, Bullet to the Head ommendably efforts to totally reset his larger-than-life personality in a more down-to-earth cop thriller.

Stallone performs New Orleans hitman Jimmy Bobo whose associate is stabbed to loss of lifestyle after they perform a callous hoodlum in his resort. He groups up with cop Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang), a Japanese technological innovation wonk who uses his cellphone as a resource of information; Stallone instead uses his as something to hit individuals with. Together, the mismatched duo examine a complicated gangland feud which results in a pathway of crime including Religious Slater as a seedy politician, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as a legal mastermind, and muscle-man Jerr Momoa as a well-appointed henchman.

While Topic to the Head’s foreseeable planning and low-brow ambitions never arrive at the levels of Hill’s ability of amazing thrillers in the delayed 70s and beginning 80s (such as The Car owner, The Fighters, and Southeast Comfort), it’s still a welcome come back from one of the genre’s recognized experts.

Bullet to the Head Poster

Warner Bros. Pictures’s new film Bullet to the Head is going to release on February 1st. and cast of the movie are Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang, Sarah Shahi, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christian Slater, Jon Seda, Weronika Rosati and Jason Momoa.

Depending on a visual novel, the R-rated movie informs the tale of a New Orleans hitman (Stallone) and a DC cop (Kang) who type an partnership to carry down the murderers of their associates.

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